You let me know what your accounting / bookkeeping / office
needs are and we'll decide how I can best help. 

*Set up your QuickBooks® or help you with an existing set-up
*Help with an occasional question or problem or schedule regular times for review
*Train you and/or your staff or contract to handle your books myself
*Create custom EXCEL spreadsheet to streamline and automate your processes
*Work from my office or in your place of business

       It's all determined by what's
             BEST FOR YOU!
              Specializing in Small Businesses
             Not limited by industry, or location.

Give your business the edge it needs to succeed!

Do you find yourself putting all your energy into the "front end" of your business and letting the business managment projects get put on the back burner? Then, when tax time or end-of-year comes you spend days or weeks struggling to get everything organized. This method of business management not only leads to frustration, it can result in lost income!

Save yourself time and headaches. I offer business management services by the hour, day, week or project. I can also help you get business management systems in place and train you and your employees to use them!
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